Dating Website For People With Herpes

Dating Website For People With Herpes

First of all I want to let you know that I have both forms of herpes. I understand the whole emotional roller coaster and the feeling you got when you first found out you had it. Dating Website For People With Herpes is fairly easy, at least for me it is anyway and I want to show you why. POSITIVE SINGLES signup is free - no credit card required. 

Here is the way I see it.

First of all, you have been through the emotional issues of being diagnosed with herpes. Your brain has been through every scenario about how to approach your date and tell them you have herpes, and how they might react after you tell them.

This is to much stress to deal with and the last think you want to do is increase your stress level because it could very well trigger more frequent herpes outbreaks. So lets take the stress away from having to tell your date you have herpes. Here is how you do it.

Dating Website For People With Herpes

First off I want you to know that you are not alone and that 20% off all American adults have some type of STD with herpes being number one STD. Now look at that number, 20% have some type of STD. The number of people being infected is expected to grow every day and there is no decrease in sight in the STD rate now or in the near future.

Herpes is not going to kill anyone if they get infected like some STD's so that alone should emotionally give you a boost. There are herpes forums on places like Yahoo where you can subscribe to emails about the latest get local Herpes Group get together if there is a group in your area. If there is not a group then start one! You will have common ground with everyone at the get together and your stress level should be low. A perfect opportunity to relax, be yourself, and make some friends. Maybe even meet someone special, after all that is what it is all about.

Dating Website For People With Herpes

If you see it like I do then Dating Website For People With Herpes is not that big of a deal. You know what I have found out? I have belonged to a herpes dating websites for a while and I find the people on the Herpes dating websites are more likely to return your emails, go on a date with you and are just more genuine than normal dating websites.

It's tough enough dealing with the emotional issues of have herpes, that Dating Website For People With Herpes should be stress free. Don't you agree?

Dating website for people with herpes - Meet Singles With Herpes

Nationwide in the United States about sixteen percent, or one in six people from 14 to 49 years old have a genital (HSV-2) infection. Luckily for the last ten years or so genital herpes cases have stabilized as people become aware about how widespread it is.

I am infected with HSV-1 and HSV-2. I have had cold sores my whole life. 90% of the population has them and they are widely accepted. Genital herpes, which is basically the same as a cold sore, is just the opposite. There is a stigma that surrounds this disease is just wrong. Some dates, will run like you have the plague when you tell them you have genital herpes.

Before this, I was happily single but dating a woman for a couple of months when I became infected. The woman who I believe I got it from said she tested negative for the disease, however I never saw any test results. She also asked me to not wear a condom and said I had nothing to worry about.

Three days later after having unprotected sex with her I had my first outbreak. It started with massive unbearable back pain. I was at work and had to leave early because the pain was so bad. It is when I got home and was going to the bathroom that I noticed I had a huge blister on my penis. I was in shock and disbelief and almost became immobile as my brain and thoughts raced away. It was like a piece of my innocence was taken away from me, I felt that depressed.

I have since dated women from an STD dating site and a couple of those women admitted giving genital herpes to their boyfriends, then denied they had genital herpes after their boyfriends became infected. They did both admit that they would never do it again and that is thе reason they only STD date now.

As much as I would love not to have to tell a woman I have genital herpes, I just need to tell them. I just can't lie about something like this, even though it is in my eyes, not a big deal. If you start out dating a person and lie about something like this, then shame on you I say.

Now comes the hard part or easy part, hopefully. Where do you find singles in your area that are looking for a relationship that share your sexually transmitted disease?

First I would do a search on Yahoo, Google and Bing and search for keywords like "STD singles social groups" or "herpes singles organizations". I found a STD social group near me on Yahoo and get their news emails about gatherings where I live. Truthfully though, I have never been to one of these dating website for people with herpes because although I am outgoing, I would be extremely shy at one of these events. POSITIVE SINGLES signup is free - no credit card required. 



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Positive Singles - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

Positive Singles - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!