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Are HIV Positive People Being Polarized Even Further

Let's face it discovering love for a regular Joe is hard sufficient but when the HIV word is thrown into the mix it opens an entire new world of fear and rejection. The law is very much on the side of HIV negative individuals and with the obligation securely with the HIV favorable individual to reveal their HIV favorable status to any prospective sexual partner, well sometimes it's just not that simple.

Getting captured up in the moment is something but that a person time might alter things permanently as it did just recently for a guy from Texas who was jailed in Aug 2010 for 15 years and was fined an even more $3000 for not disclosing his HIV status to another man whom he met on a gay connection website simply for sex. Apart from the fact that he did not pass HIV to the other party made no distinction whatsoever. The responsibility exists and if you are HIV positive then you need to protect yourself as the law is waiting to pounce on you if you do not.

So what are the choices offered with HIV criminal prosecutions abound? As the federal governments appear intent on pursuing prosecutions against HIV criminal offenses it would seem the next logical step for any HIV favorable person to take would be to call and incorporate into the world of other HIV favorable people only, conserves any risk right? However is this not polarizing HIV favorable individuals even further? It's starting to look like it is. Apart from the fact that HIV has actually not been the mass killer that it was very first envisaged to be it seems to matter not to the powers above us who want to penalize those cursed with the dreadful HIV and wish to classify and stigmatize them further.

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There are lots of centers and support system now all over the world however particularly in the western world so getting assistance is not actually a concern if you really desire it. Nevertheless the kind of mental and loving assistance that a partner can provide is something no assistance center can ever equate to. Loosing the will to discover a partner after being detected is a really genuine thing however quiting completely need to never ever be an option because our society has actually considered HIV positive individuals to be dirty by not divulging their status.

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Exactly what does this truly indicate long term though? The law is altering quickly and make no error the law is also really clear on exactly what it will do to culprits who break it. Stopping the spread of any illness or any infection is certainly a worthy cause but are our federal governments being totally honest with us?

As the governments appear intent on pursuing criminal prosecutions versus HIV crimes it would seem the next sensible action for any HIV positive individual to take would be to call and incorporate into the world of other HIV positive individuals just, conserves any danger? Apart from the fact that HIV has actually not been the mass killer that it was first envisaged to be it seems to matter not to the powers above us who desire to penalize those cursed with the feared HIV and wish to categorize and stigmatize them further.

Loosing the will to discover a partner after being diagnosed is a very genuine thing but offering up all together must never ever be an option since our society has deemed HIV positive people to be unclean by not divulging their status.

When you're HIV+ your body goes through a great deal of changes within that ended up being without. Of course you go through an emotional trauma while you're having the best times ever from these life-altering experiences. The technique is not to go crazy about it then deal with it appropriately. Me? I turn it over to God in prayer then let him take me through it from there. Functions miracles for me!

You also suffer from the side effects from the medications that you're taking which makes you question why you're taking this toxic crap. There are those who have success with alternate routines that consist of natural medications, teas, acupuncture, meditation, and prayer. God love em'! Others like me do not stand a possibility in h-e-double and need to go the traditional and standard path. So exactly what ghastly changes does one go through you ask?

For novices there's Lipodystrophy, which is the redistribution of body fat. The flab does not disappear with diet and exercise nor do diet pills work here gang. Me? I had a fat sunken, face with a buffalo hump, tits for days, fat pocket in my groin area and the excellent and knocked up look. I likewise had pinched nerves, a shot lower back from all the weight, swollen feet to keep it company.

Smack dab in the middle, there's Neuropathology (muscle deterioration and nerve ending degeneration) makings one lose making use of the hands, arms, and legs. Me? I had them all including the worsening stabbing pains (like a needle) in my feet and legs. When I was bowling my legs went out from under me with my going face down in the alley. I played it off as a joke while dying deep inside from the embarrassment of all of it. I asked God to take me ideal then and there! He gave me the strength to stand, dust myself off, and bowl the ball with my sparing the ten that I missed on a strike.

I dropped things a lot with people believing that I was awkward and must stay out of China shops. I lost using my ideal arm with my learning how to write with my left hand. For enders, there's diarrhea which I'll leave to your creativity because it needs no description. When you get over from these burglars of peace and a delighted location in one's life, you get to go through a brand brand-new one. Me? After getting everything down to a science, I ended up being resistant to all medication with the infection entering into anomaly. Yes, I'm a walking Sci-Fi movie! Not to fret, I prayed with the answer to my prayers being Drug Studies at the Aids Clinic Trial Unit.

To be a survivor you need to do what ever it takes and after that some. Does it ever end? Nope! It keeps getting better with you becoming more powerful behind it. Me? 4 years later, I'm now resistant to Fuzeon, the wonder drug that had my viral load screening "undetectable"( not a trace of the infection in your body.) with high CD4 counts to keep it company. So, it's back to the drawing board as I go through various studies up until I enter the ideal one with the right drugs. Am I more powerful after going through all this? Yes, Sir-Re Bop! My motto in life is "Come on with it, Bring it on!"

Beware of the Old Queen Tales that are hiding in the universes with dumb ideas that are too silly to be true. The one that grated my nerves to a frazzle was that two individuals who are HIV+ can have hazardous sex together without worries of contaminated each other. Duh? The infection can be found in different strains with CR5 being the one UN-treatable. It's the stress that can clean an individual who's HIV+ status to full blown AIDS or Opportunist infections brought on by the virus. Then there's bare support (sex without prophylactics). The majority of the POZ guys that I understand do not tell their pickup that they're POZ unless they ask. It's 'do not ask, and you'll struggle with the repercussions that might become quite lethal'.

There are those who believe that direct exposure to the HIV virus is a present with their wanting to become contaminated with HIV. Double duh for this one gang. Yes, it's the gift that keeps on offering unless you're using condoms. The very same lot likewise thinks that when you're infected with the HIV virus, you can obtain Disability and generate income "work complimentary" while living the life of leisure. Total triple Duh to this one that's an enticement for the lazy and for those who want it all without doing anything to make it. When you're on Disability, it's called as a fixed income which is dumb in itself. If it's a fixed earnings why are those getting these advantages always broke?

It takes 5 years for your claim to be processed with it ending up being longer than that after they deny your benefits with the alternative to appeal their choice. This takes another six months while they lose all of your paperwork and other agonizing techniques to make you want that you never ever registered to begin with. True, you can get a Lawyer to help you. A friend of mine who's sicker than a pet dog and would work if he might just went through this hell for over 5 years.

When he lastly litigated, the Judge informed him that if he wished to demand the back payments in advantages it would take another 6 months. If he didn't, he could get his advantages instantly. My buddy went for alternative number two due to the fact that he had enough of the whole ordeal. So, did he get his very first check on the day that it was due? Nope! He got a letter in the mail informing him that he owed Social Security $11,000. What?

Years ago while getting advantages he ended up being UN-detectable from his new drug regime. He returned into the workforce then called Social Security to deactivate his account. When his health deviated for the worst he triggered his account. This was how they hit him with his not being disabled and able to return to work. 6 weeks later on, he finally got his check minus the giant reductions for Medicare. He did get Food Stamps from the deal ... all $10.00 dollars worth. While awaiting your Social Benefits to start you're booted to the DSHS workplace by Social Security.

With DSHS you'll receive a massive $239.00 dollars with their needing to know how you plan on residing on this amount? One used to get $17 6.00 bucks on an EBT card. This amount has been slashed with the customers being given a list of food banks to go so they can get food to last for the month. Now a days, HIV/AIDS isn't thought about to be a high concern since people are living longer thanks to the drugs on the marketplace. You need to have something to additional to a terminal disease that's now thought about to be short-term.

So, if you're not depressed, Bi-Polar, have Cancer, or anything else, contact an agency that helps people in their fights. The Washington Legal Advocacy is a fantastic organization that provides legal assistance to the disabled going through the sluggish, painful, death that this companies takes you through. Robert Crawford is the Founder and Director of this firm. Robert started this company while defending his brother David. Google Washington Legal Advocacy to discover more and get assistance with terrific legal representation. This is the organization that defended me when I lost my sole earnings from Disability losing whatever.

There are those who are completely blown away by my openness about my POZ status. To me there's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. It's a part of who I am and I'm handling it with the best of my capabilities. I relaxed, launched, then turned it over to God. There are those who ask me if I'm scared of being pushed away, exiled, and completely removed by both the straight, gay, and the Black community? I was all the above prior to testing positive.

Then there are those who caution me that I'll never get a date or meet that specific somebody by not being secret about my POZ status. Me? I'm not going to run the risk of somebody's health and well-being even if I'm afraid of rejection and being truthful about who and exactly what I am. If he likes me, it won't matter. If it's indicated to be, it's implied to be. There are those who say that it's no one's business but God's and mine. Secrets are like clues, they're constantly discovered. Let's face it, there are no secrets in life. One has the tendency to get caught in the web that they weaved while aiming to deceive.

So, how do I deal with it? It's all about having and preserving a positive mindset. We all have problems, some seen, some hidden. There are those who have issues worst than ours. Me? I tell my issues to my Therapist. This assists keeps me well balanced both physically and mentally. By keeping things in a favorable point of view the occasions and experiences progressing in your life aren't that severe nor is it not being earth shattering or mind boggling. You discover how to handle it without it ending up being a problem then move on to the next phrase. Believing and trusting in God with strong faith delivers you from all trails and tribulations.

Exactly what horrid modifications does one go through you ask?

When I was bowling my legs went out from under me with my going face down in the alley. When you get over from these intruders of peace and a happy location in one's life, you get to go through a brand name new one. After getting whatever down to a science, I became resistant to all medication with the virus going into anomaly. It's back to the drawing board as I go through numerous studies up until I get into the ideal one with the best drugs.



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