Dating Site For People With Herpes

Dating Site For People With Herpes

Sexually transmitted infections have a very detrimental effect both mentally and physically. While the physical impact of STD's can be dealt with using antiviral drugs and other medications, people have a hard time coping up with the stigma attached with herpes. It has been observed that people that are single face the fury as they face rejections because they've been tainted with the herpes simplex virus.

While it was extremely difficult for herpes singles to find an ideal match a few years ago, the scenario has changed over the years thanks to the inception of specialist dating sites for people with herpes. These sites are equipped with all the tools and features that would help people find an ideal companion, despite all odds.

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Here are a few tips for herpes singles that can help you find a perfect partner:

Visit places that allow like-minded people to interact with each other: When you're looking for a person that possesses certain qualities, you need to visit places that attract such audiences. You certainly cannot expect someone to contact you out of the blue, can you? There are a lot of recreational clubs and events that bring together like-minded people. You can interact with other and determine if there is someone that matches your tastes. Herpes dating sites provide an excellent platform where people can communicate with others that have gone through the same. They can not only garner support but also find a life companion without any fear of rejection.

Dating Site For People With Herpes

Make sure that you're on the same page: When you're interacting with someone that herpes, there are a couple of things that you need to be sure about

• He/she is infected with the same strand of the virus.
• He/she is interested in getting to know you better.

Once you are sure that your companion is the right one, make sure you don't waste time in taking things to the next level. There is no point in spending time with a person and sharing your personal space when you don't wish to stay together in the future.

Learn more about the condition: A lot of people that are infected with herpes have no clue about how the virus would affect them. Instead of investigating the source of transmission, it would be better to learn more about the virus and ways of dealing with it. As a matter of fact, it is advised that you date a person that has the same strand of the herpes simplex virus as you do so that the chances of transmission are eliminated. Specialist dating sites also gives users access to dating counselors and STD experts that can help them deal with the problem in the most effective way.

Dating Site For People With Herpes Advice For Singles With Herpes

Having an STD like herpes can make you feel like you are separated from the rest of the world. Catching herpes after being launched into the dating scene can be a great discouragement. Singles with herpes are many in the world and you should not feel alone in any way. There are a growing number of people living with herpes all over the world. This has led to invention of new industry which is Internet dating web sites for people with herpes. It is actually amazing that one in four women is infected with herpes and one in six men is also infected. Once you get over the shock of being diagnosed with herpes you should go online. You will feel so consoled because the number of sites for people living with STD is very high.

Singles with herpes have found solid comfort through online dating sites. Craig who is a single professional man from North Carolina ended up with herpes. Talking to only one person and telling him/her about what how he was feeling was good enough but when he joined a dating site he found more than 500 people to talk to. They were all living with herpes but just like him, they were decent people. They provided support and other services that were very useful to him. It feels good to talk to people who understand what you are going through. In these dating sites, all the members are infected and therefore they are more than willing to listen to your story and set you free in more than one way.

Dating for singles with herpes is not as easy like for singles with cancer or diabetes. The fact that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease makes a lot of people to become opinionated. You might be educated with a masters degree, good money but it is hard to enjoy a good relationship with a person who knows your status. If you are dating a person who is not infected it is quite hard to tell the right time to disclose your status. In the dating sites you are advised on when and how to tell a prospective girlfriend/boyfriend about herpes. It is one of the greatest ethical problems experienced by most people. Whenever Jennifer would tell men that she was dating with herpes, all prospective men would run in the opposite direction.

Spreading a disease is not something most of us want to do unless you do not fear guilty trips. The beauty about herpes dating sites is that all the members have the disease therefore you do not have to worry about spreading it to other people. Most new members feel nervous about joining the site since it is usually their first time to disclose their status or talk about it openly. Whenever a support group is organized many are nervous to enter through the door and some even go back on reaching the entrance. Singles with herpes appreciate the support groups and one of the organizers confessed that she usually receives flowers after the party.

Although Herpes Isn't a Good Thing, It Certainly Isn't the Worst Either - People With Herpes

Living with Herpes isn't easy. It is observed that people often panic on being diagnosed with Herpes. However, experts believe that leading a healthy and hygienic life in addition to following a few precautions can help people with herpes lead a normal life.

In an interview with a 31 year old school teacher from Texas who was diagnosed with herpes in 2004, I found that herpes is certainly not a difficult situation. He has been an active member of a local health group that deals with Herpes.

1. What types of Herpes do you have?

HSV - 2 (Genital Herpes)

2. What were your initial symptoms and how long did the outbreak last?

I faced a full - fledged primary outbreak - fever, muscle pain, tiredness, congestion and cold sores around my genitalia. It lasted for about a week.

3. Did you have any idea of what it was?

Yes indeed. However, at that time I didn't know much about the infection. I thought that the girl I was dating might have transmitted it. On doing a little bit of research, I got to know that symptoms of Herpes don't show up years after being contracted.

I later discovered that the woman I was involved with had Herpes long before we got physical. She had lesions on her buttocks and this is probably why she didn't discover it. I didn't get the infection right away because the transmission wasn't from the genitals.

4. What treatment are you getting?

My situation has improved a lot compared to what it was like in 2004 - 2005. I use prescription drugs such as Acyclovir whenever I get outbreaks. Prior to having sex, I increase my dosage to 500 mg.

5. How did the diagnosis affect your life?

I was very upset. My wife divorced me and left me alone when I needed her the most. I vowed never to be in a relationship again. The decision will no longer be in my control and it would be up to the other person to conclude if I am lovable or not. I did not make an effort to patch up either. I deserved to be treated better and I don't have to be told that I cannot be loved because I have an STD.

But this entire incident did teach me a lesson for life. Although herpes isn't a good thing, it certainly isn't the worst either. In fact, it came as a blessing in disguise as I got to know that she wasn't the right one for me.

I am currently in a relationship with a girl who is 2 years elder to me and has Herpes too. If everything turns out well, we might get married next year.

It is very likely that ordinary people fail to understand what you are going through. In this case Herpes dating sites are certainly a ray of hope and encouragement.



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